Megumi Watabe is an illustrator, based in Tokyo, Japan.
She graduated from Tama Art University.
A member of Tokyo Illustrators Society.
She paints two types illustration, fantasy & realistic.

PATER’s Gallery Competition 2008 Thoru Minegishi Prize
Illustnote Magazine №9 8th Note Exhibition Yurio Seki Prize
12th Tokyo Illustrators Society Competition Blonde Prize

MEITO/Benesse Corporation/Gijutsu-Hyohron /X-Knowledge/KODANSHA/ PRESIDENT/The Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology/The Executive Committee of the Excellent Essay Contest on the Postcards/SHINKOSHUPPANSHA/KEIRINKAN/Kongoshuppan/SHODENSHA/WAVE Publishing/KADOKAWA/SHINCHOSHA/NHK Publishing/BUNGEISHUNJU/SUNTORY/Toys Factory/Pony Canyon/King Records/Futabasha/SHUEISHA/kobunsha/PHP Institute/Akaneshobo/Hozokan

Solo Exhibiton
Malpu Gallery’s 60th Planned Exhibition “Precious” January 5-29, 2010
Solo Exhibition “Tokyo” July 1-30, 2010
Solo Exhibition “Pieces” at OPA Gallery, May 10-15, 2013

Painting Tools
Acrylic, Medium, Pencil, Watercolor pencil, Ink, Japanese paper,Arches paper, Waterford paper, Crescent board, Windows 10, Illustrator CS6, Photoshop CS6

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